About Me

I graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of South Carolina Honors College in May 2016 with a B.S. in Computer Science and minors in Math and German. In the following year, I completed my Accelerated Master's in Computer Science and Engineering with a focus on Robotics at the University of South Carolina. My Master's thesis, the Bird's Eye View project, was on Unmanned Aerial and Unmanned Ground Vehicle cooperative exploration and mapping. This work was extended and will be presented at the International Conference on Unmanned Aerial System (ICUAS) in June 2017. I'm currently working as a research assistant in the Autonomous Field Robotics Lab (AFRL) under the supervision of Dr. Ioannis Rekleitis.

I have previously interned at Boeing as a Software Engineer where I developed the webSMT, which can be used to load software onto airplanes. I have also worked as a web developer for the Second Pillar consulting company.